Natural health product licence application form

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The web-based natural health product licence application (web PLA) form is designed to be completed online and saved on the applicant's workstation. Through an active Internet connection, the web PLA form searches and populates data from the Natural Health Products Ingredients Database (NHPID).

Access version 4 of the form for all application and class types if you are not attesting to a monograph or if the monograph(s) you are attesting to appears on the list of Validation-supported monographs. If any are missing from the list, proceed by using web PLA version 3 instead.

Validation-supported monographs 245 ??title.validationSupportedMonographs.monographs_en_CA??

Validation-supported monographs
(last updated: 2022-01-14)

The list of Validation-supported monographs is revised on a regular basis, please check often to ensure you are using the correct version of the form.

Version: 4.2.0
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